Thistlecrack Kennels is a small licensed dog boarding kennels in the New Forest run by husband and wife, Grant and Joanne.  We know that whilst you are away relaxing on holiday it is vital that your dogs are safe, secure and happy.  We offer a personal service and take pride in being a small, family run business to ensure that your dog is well taken care of.  We have a license for 12 dogs and have 6 boarding kennels enabling us to dedicate time and energy to keeping your dog happy during their time with us.  
Our newly refurbished boarding kennels have 24hr monitored intruder alarms and smoke detectors.  Each kennel has its own heat lamp and light as well as central heating throughout.  We offer a minimum 2 night stay.  Each kennel has its own non-tip water bowl, high sided anti-chew bed and is painted in hygienic easy to clean paint.  Dogs have regular access to outside runs throughout the day. Dogs from different households do not mix either in kennels or in their outside runs.  Kennels are thoroughly cleaned every morning and cleaned again between different boarders.  A check in form must be completed and passed over on arrival.  

Opening hours

We open 9.30-10.30am for drop off and collections. 
Closed on Sundays & bank holidays. 
Please ensure you can make these timings prior to confirming your drop off and pick up dates. 
We offer a minimum 2-night stay, we do not offer day boarding.
We are happy to show you around by appointment.


DHP, L4/L2 and kennel cough vaccinations must be up to date.  
Kennel cough immunisation must be administered at least 14 days prior to arrival. 
Please check this before making payment. 
Please bring your dog’s vaccination booklet on arrival as we take a copy for file.  Unfortunately, failure to have vaccinations in place will result in your dog being turned away.  Flea and worming treatments need to be in place also – no evidence needed.


£30 for 1 dog
£50 for two dogs 
£60 for three dogs 
A premium is charged over Christmas. 
Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year Day are all charged at double rate. 
Full payment is due 8 weeks before arrival date to confirm the booking. 
We are unable to give refunds.


Our boarding dogs have regular access to our sunny, grass outdoor runs.  Dogs are not exercised with others.  They can see other dogs during their play times but they are not mixed with dogs from other households.  


6:30am Morning exercise, kennels cleaned, breakfast prepared.
Dogs are then out another 4 times throughout the day for approx 45mins exercise with teatime around 5pm.
9/9:30pm Bedtime 

Who We Accept

Because we do not mix dogs at Thistlecrack Kennels we are happy to take most breeds and sizes.  Intact males and bitches in season can are also welcome.  We accept puppies as long as vaccinations are complete and up to date.


We ask owners to supply sufficient food for the duration of their dog’s stay.  We have facilities to store your raw food at no extra charge.  
We provide food bowls, water bowls & bedding.  
We can administer medication, there is no extra charge for this. Please label medication and discuss at handover.  

Please contact Joanne to discuss your needs!

07742 260230

Check In Form Here.